Toronto+Acumen is a self-organized, volunteer-led group that seeks to learn and share Acumen's principles in Toronto with the goal of changing the way the world tackles poverty. Since 2010, Toronto+Acumen has been one of 14 +Acumen chapters around the world sharing the priciples of patient capital, cultivating an understanding of Acumen's values, and putting these principles into practice in our community. 

We are launching our Impact Circle in September 2018, and we invite all interested Toronto-based professionals to apply by August 13th

Our Impact Circle is designed to create a community of young professionals interested in venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. Over 20 invididuals will participate in learning, mentorship and networking opportunities to help them grow or launch a career that lives Acumen's values. We are building leaders that reject complacency, see potential where others see despair and have the audacity to imagine the world as it could be. 

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Volunteer Committee Members


Corrine Tansowny


Kayla Seadon


Namrata Narayan

Head, Marketing

Azra Dhalla

Director, Impact Circle

Cameron Rzadki

Director, Events

Nicole Alie

Head, Events

Akanksha Mishra

Director, Special Projects

Allison Hunt


Alexander Banh