+Acumen Corps

+Acumen Corps is an online, invitation-only community for our most dedicated students and community members. Corps members are action-oriented and distinguish themselves by completing courses, leading chapters and showing up for live action challenges.

They get priority access to challenges, exclusive workshops, job and volunteer opportunities – and most importantly each other.

Corps members share honestly, give generously, and support one another as they lead initiatives at the forefront of social change.

Here’s a snapshot at Corps in our first year.

350 people representing 35 different countries met on Slack to help SiembraViva, a Colombia-based Acumen investee, brainstorm how to incentivize the smallholder farmers they work with to give them real-time data about their crop inventory. Read more here

“I loved how in just 2 hours we teamed up and created something, even if we hadn’t ever met before. I had already attended +Acumen courses, so I know this is the “normal” magic that occurs, but it still makes me so happy every time. I wish I can create this type of project in real life again.” – Alessandra, Vigonovo, Italy

Corps helped pilot Kiva’s new crowdvetting platform: Kiva Direct to Social Enterprise. The team at Kiva wanted to see if they could tap into the collective knowledge of the crowd to help them decide if they should invest in VITALITE, a solar energy company in Zambia. Read more here

“I love that the Corps community brings together change-makers from all over the world so we can inspire and learn from one another.“ – Kathryn Atchley, USA

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