Adam Grant on Developing Original Ideas

How to become an original thinker capable of driving creativity and change in the world

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Apply research-backed strategies for generating—and recognizing—your most promising original ideas
  • Identify individuals who can provide the most effective feedback on your original ideas
  • Uncover surprising ways to champion your original ideas to gain support and funding
  • Recognize Givers, Takers, and Matchers in your workplace and engage them effectively to move your original ideas forward
  • Align your generosity with your skills and interests
  • Avoid burnout while advancing original ideas for social good


Through a series of video lectures, Adam Grant will bring to life some of his “greatest hits” from years of social science research on organizations and individuals. He’ll share his findings on job crafting, motivation in the workplace, “givers and takers”, and the secrets of original thinkers. Through surprising studies and stories spanning business, social entrepreneurship, technology and entertainment, Adam will teach you how to recognize a good idea, speak up without getting silenced, build a coalition of allies, and choose the right time to act.

Most importantly, he’ll present these insights in ways that you can immediately apply to your own work and life. Each video will be accompanied by an actionable tool to help you apply Adam’s principles to advance your own original ideas.

Format and Timing

  • Individual Course: This course is a series of videos and exercises you can work through on your own.
  • Platform: Udemy (+Acumen developed this course. We host this course on the Udemy platform.)
  • Timing: You can work through the materials at your own pace. There are no required times for you to log in. Your access does not end.

Course Syllabus

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SECTION 1: Introduction to Originality
  • Video 1: Introduction the Course from Adam Grant
  • Exercise: Introduce Yourself to the Course Community
  • Video 2: What is Originality?
  • Video 3: Who Can be an Original?
SECTION 2: How to Find Your Original Idea
  • Video 4: Question the Default
  • Exercise: Default Detection
  • Video 5: Generate a Volume of Ideas
  • Exercise: Idea Sprint
  • Video 6: Try a New Domain
  • Exercise: Perspective Taking
  • Video 7: The Key to Getting Feedback on Original Ideas
  • Exercise: Feedback Form
SECTION 3: How to Champion Original Ideas
  • Video 14: Why Sharing the Downsides of Your Idea Can Work
  • Exercise: Downsides List
  • Video 15: Lessons from the Lion King
  • Exercise: Analogies Inventory
  • Video 16: Become a Tempered Radical
SECTION 4: How to Build Effective Networks to Move Your Original Idea Forward
  • Video 10: The Givers, Takers and Matchers Framework
  • Exercise: Quiz: Are you a Giver, Taker, or a Matcher?
  • Video 11: 5 Minute Favors
  • Exercise: 5 Minute Favor Drill
  • Video 12: Align Your Giving with Your Interests and Skills
  • Exercise: Write Your LinkedIn Post
  • Video 13: Strategically Time Your Giving
  • Exercise: Chunk Your Giving
SECTION 5: Stay Motivated and Avoid Burnout as You Move You Original Idea Forward
  • Video 8: The #1 Factor for Staying Motivated
  • Exercise: Beneficiary Interview
  • Video 9: Job Crafting
  • Exercise: Write Your Own Job Description
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You will earn a Statement of Accomplishment if you complete 5 of 6 assignments, including the final assignment, by the last day of the course.
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While we believe taking the course with a team will give you the best experience and chance of completing the course, it is possible to complete the course individually if you wish.
What should I expect from the assignments?
You will create a Life Map, develop your own personal story, integrate it into a larger presentation, and record your presentation for feedback from your classmates. You should allocate at least one hour a week to complete each assignment.

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Adam Grant has been Wharton’s top-rated professor for five straight years. He is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Give and Take and Originals. He has been recognized as one of the world’s 25 most influential management thinkers and Fortune’s 40 under 40. Adam’s TED talks have been viewed more than 7 million times, and his clients include Google, the NFL, Goldman Sachs, Disney Pixar, and the United Nations.