Al Pittampalli on Open-Mindedness

Gain the most hidden skill in modern leadership

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand why persuadability is critical for modern leaders
  • Become a more accurate decision maker by building tiny habits.
  • Identify the 3 distinct advantages persuadable leaders possess
  • Apply 5 specific “power practices” to become more persuadable in your own work and life
  • Learn why persuadability can be a critical element of social change
  • Change your mind to change the world


The traditional leadership paradigm that prioritizes confidence, consistency and conviction might no longer work in today’s fast-moving world. In this course, business consultant Al Pittampalli will walk you through 5 specific “power practices” that you can adopt to become a more agile leader. He’ll draw on evidence from social science and cognitive psychology to show you how humility and radical open-mindedness can be powerful leadership assets. You’ll walk away with actionable insights to become a more results-oriented leader who moves quickly to let the best ideas prevail.

Format and Timing

  • Individual Course: This course is a series of videos and exercises you can work through on your own.
  • Platform: Udemy (+Acumen developed this course. We host this course on the Udemy platform.)
  • Timing: You can work through the materials at your own pace. There are no required times for you to log in. Your access does not end.

Course Syllabus

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  • 19 video tutorials from Al Pittampalli
  • A Persuadability Toolkit to help you apply these leadership practices to your own life through a series of exercises and reflections
SECTION 1: Why Persuadability is the Most Under-Appreciated Skill in Modern Leadership
  • Video: Introduction and Welcome to the Course form Al
  • Video: What is Persuadability?
  • Activity: How Persuadable Are You? Quiz
  • Video: Why Persuadability is Different than Traditional Leadership
  • Video: Advantage of Persuadability #1: Accuracy
  • Video: Accuracy in Action
  • Video: Advantage of Persuadability #2: Agility
  • Video: Advantage of Persuadability #3: Growth
  • Activity: Introduce Yourself to the Course Community
  • Activity: Assess Your Knowledge
SECTION 2: Power Practices of Persuadable Leaders
  • Video: The Roadblocks to Changing Your Mind
  • Video: Power Practice #1: Consider the Opposite
  • Video: Power Practice #2: Update Your Beliefs Incrementally
  • Video: Power Practice #3: How Do We Kill Our Darlings?
  • Video: Power Practice #4: Tiny Habits to Incorporate Perspective Taking
  • Video: Power Practice #5: The Decisiveness/Persuadability Spectrum
  • Resource: Persuadability Toolkit
  • Activity: Assess Your Knowledge
SECTION 3: How Persuadable Leaders Who Change their Mind Change the World
  • Video: Why Changing Your Mind Can Change the World
  • Video: A Story of a Leader Who Changed His Mind to Change the World
  • Video: The Power of Social Contagion
  • Video: Let the Best Idea Prevail
  • Activity: Assess Your Knowledge
  • Activity: Final Reflection
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You will earn a Statement of Accomplishment if you complete 5 of 6 assignments, including the final assignment, by the last day of the course.
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We recommend you find friends or colleagues for your team that you can meet with in person each week. Each team member should register for the course individually. You’ll then be able to form your team on the NovoEd platform once the course begins.
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While we believe taking the course with a team will give you the best experience and chance of completing the course, it is possible to complete the course individually if you wish.
What should I expect from the assignments?
You will create a Life Map, develop your own personal story, integrate it into a larger presentation, and record your presentation for feedback from your classmates. You should allocate at least one hour a week to complete each assignment.

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Al Pittampalli is the author of Persuadable: How Great Leaders Change Their Minds to Change the World and Read This Before Our Next Meeting: The Modern Meeting Standard for Successful Organizations, two books that combine research and storytelling to help individuals and organizations adapt to a fast changing world. Today, Al helps organizations like NASA and Hewlett Packard, and Abbot Labs transform their organizational cultures.

What People Are Saying

"Great course. Al Pittampalli gracefully shares stories and principles to embrace persuadability as a very effective attitude towards generating change. He provides also tools to be used day by day to incorporate persuadability on the work you do."

Felipe Spath