Krista Tippett on the Art of Conversation

Learn from an NPR Host how to hold transformative conversations, ask generous questions and listen with presence

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  • Duration: 2 hours
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What You’ll Learn:

  • Listen with presence
  • Understand why achieving common ground should not always be the goal of a conversation
  • Ask more generous questions
  • Frame conversations with wonder and humility
  • Move beyond a public discourse of certainty or absolutism
  • Hold more productive conversations in the service of social change


Our political debates, newspaper headlines, and internet comments are all too often stripped of nuance and a sense of shared humanity.  We need new ways to foster dialogue with people across lines of religion, politics, ethnicity, and experience.

Since 2001 Krista Tippett has hosted conversations on the big questions of meaning with guests including Dalai Lama, Maya Angelou and Desmond Tutu. She models a conversational style that elicits wisdom and cultivates generous listening.  In this breakthrough course, you will learn about Krista's practices for identifying “bad” questions, becoming a generous listener, and moving toward a style of inquiry that elicits more wisdom.

Her collected wisdom will galvanize anyone looking to spark meaningful dialogue across lines of difference in the service of social change.

Format and Timing

  • Individual Course: This course is a series of videos and exercises you can work through on your own.
  • Platform: Udemy (+Acumen developed this course. We host this course on the Udemy platform.)
  • Timing: You can work through the materials at your own pace. There are no required times for you to log in. Your access does not end.

Course Syllabus

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  • 15 video tutorials from Krista Tippett, NPR Host
  • 5 Conversation Guides to help kickstart your own dialogues
SECTION 1: The Art of Asking Questions
  • Video: Introduction to the Course from Krista Tippett
  • Activity: Introduce Yourself to the Course Community
  • Video: How to Move Towards Beautiful Questions
  • Video: How to Ask Simple Questions that Draw Forth Depth
  • Video: How to Ask Questions that Move Old Debates to New Places
  • Resource: Conversation Starter #1
SECTION 2: The Art of Listening
  • Video: How to Listen with Presence
  • Video: How to Create a Hospitable Space for Conversation
  • Video: How to Bring Your Own Experience into a Conversation
  • Resource: Conversation Starter #2
SECTION 3: Why We Need a New Type of Conversation
  • Video: Why Achieving Common Ground Should Not be the Goal
  • Video: Why We Need Bridge People
  • Resource: Conversation Starter #3
SECTION 4: Lessons from Krista’s Conversation Partners
  • Video: What Children Can teach Us About Becoming Wise
  • Video: How to Stay Unafraid of What Remains Mysterious
  • Video: How Small Groups Create Social Change
  • Video: How Human Change Can Happen
  • Resource: Conversation Starter #4
SECTION 5: Towards Conversations that Advance Change
  • Video: Why We Need Humility
  • Video: Learning to Speak Together Differently
  • Resource: Conversation Starter #5

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Krista Tippett is a Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and recipient of the National Humanities Medal awarded by Barack Obama in 2014. She is the New York Times bestselling author of Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living. She hosts On Being, a radio show and podcast distributed to more than 400 stations across the country.

What People Are Saying

Aigerim Khafizova, Global Academic Fellow at Amal Academy

"Krista Tippett's course is transformational, it is a guide for those who want to have meaningful and effective dialogues with team members, customers, and the outside world. The technique of asking questions helped us to structure our 1:1 sessions with fellows, organize our weekly check ins with the team in a more productive way, and have soulful talks with strangers outside of Amal."

Aigerim Khafizova, Global Academic Fellow at Amal Academy