Impact Circle

“Through LA+Acumen’s Impact Circle, we’re hoping to create a bridge between volunteerism and our members roles as future Acumen partners.”

- Jesse Clarke, co-creator of +Acumen Impact Circles


Impact Circles give young professionals and aspiring changemakers,  the opportunity to join a community of like-minded donors. Volunteers create unique experiences for Impact Circle members to learn more about the impact investing and social impact sectors. Additionally, members gain access to Acumen Partner events and tap into the global Acumen community.

The minimum fundraise to form an Impact Circle is US$10,000, which is the minimum donation to be considered an Acumen Partner. This amount is collectively reached (and often exceeded), by each member contributing a minimum of US$500/£500 (donated directly to Acumen), to become a part of the circle for the year.

Created in 2015 by the LA+Acumen Chapter, Impact Circles have gone on to launch in London and Singapore. Each Circle has between 15-30 members, and have grown in size each subsequent year. Impact Circles are a unique and exciting model for young professionals, who are at the early formative stages of their philanthropic journey.

To join or learn more about an Impact Circle, reach out below:

HK+Acumen Impact Circle

LA+Acumen Impact Circle

London+Acumen Impact Circle

Singapore+Acumen Impact Circle