2017 Course Calendar: First Semester

If being a more effective force for good is on your list of resolutions this year, we’ve got an exciting new way to help you reach that goal.

December 23, 2016

If being a more effective force for good is on your list of resolutions this year, we’ve got an exciting new way to help you reach that goal.

New year. New course schedule! In attempt to streamline your learning experience, we’ve simplified our course calendar.

In 2017, there will be three semesters opening in January, April, and September. During each semester, we’ll offer a set of our free courses across leadership, entrepreneurship, and design beginning on two different start dates. Ahead of each semester, you can expect a calendar release with the full list of courses offered. The only exceptions will be new courses, which we’ll make sure you know about before they’re released.

Now, you no longer need to remember the different start dates for each course and accidentally miss one that you wanted to take!

With that excuse gone, what are you waiting for?

Take the first step toward achieving your New Year’s resolutions. You can register for any of the courses below today. We hope this change makes your life a little easier in 2017.

Courses starting January 10, 2017

Social Entrepreneurship 101
Partner: Fossil Foundation
Length: 4 Weeks

Why we love it:  A true 101. It demystified the term social entrepreneurship and helped us uncover our passion and discover our own path to change the world.


Lean Startup Principles for Social Impact

Partner: Acumen
Length: 4 Weeks

Why we love it:  It’s the latest startup thinking used in Silicon Valley, but adapted for the social sector.


Business Models for Social Enterprise

Partner: Miller Center for Social Enterprise
Length: 4 Weeks

Why we love it:  It makes the idea of marrying profit and purpose tangible. The course combines conventional business concepts with the unique considerations necessary for those in the business of changing the world.


Storytelling for Change

Partner: Ariel Group

Length: 8 weeks

Why we love it:  From corporate presentations, to social events to interviews, we’ve been surprised by how widely applicable this course is.


Networking Leadership 101: Building Your Core Professional Network

Partner: Center for Creative Leadership
Length: 3 weeks

Why we love itIt’s NOT another LinkedIn tutorial. Instead, it teaches you how to build stronger networks with just 16 contacts!


*Brand-New Course January 31, 2017*

Systems Practice: An Approach to Move from the Impossible to Impact

Partner:  The Omidyar Group

Length: 10 weeks

Why we love it:  It finally decoded the latest industry buzzword and gave us a step-by-step guide for finding the most strategic ways to tackle the world’s toughest problems.


Starting February 7, 2017

Our most popular series returns. Design thinking has helped many learners to think outside of the box. From startups to large government institutions such as the U.S. Department of Labor, human-centered design is still one of the most versatile tools to innovate across sectors.

Design Kit: The Course for Human-Centered Design

Partner: IDEO.org
Length: 7 weeks

Why we love it:  Even though it’s an introductory course, it equipped us with all the mindsets and methods needed to turn any problem into an opportunity.


Design Kit: Prototyping

Partner: IDEO.org

Length: 5 weeks 

Why we love it: We learned how to take something from idea to first concept faster than you can spell P-R-O-T-O-T-Y-P-E.


Making Sense of Social Impact: Acumen’s Building Blocks for Impact Analysis
Partner: Acumen
Length: 4 weeks

Why we love it: Gone are the days of hoping we’re making change. This course helped us articulate the change we want to make and what to measure to make sure that change is in fact happening.


Financial Modeling for the Social Sector

Partner: Erik Simanis
Length: 5 weeks

Why we love it: It made us realize how crucial it is for every young venture to set a solid financial foundation before scaling. (And that you don’t need to be a financial wizard to do any of it!)


Adaptive Leadership: Mobilizing for Change
Partner: Eric Martin, Adaptive Change Advisors
Length: 4 weeks

Why we love it:  The course taught us how to identify adaptive challenges–problems that can’t be solved by increasing expertise or resources. It saved us time and energy by tackling the right type of issues from the beginning.

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