Announcing +Acumen Corps

+Acumen Corps is a special community for our most dedicated students - individuals who are committed to growing and using their skills to tackle problems of poverty and social justice.

June 15, 2016

Hi change-makers,

This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, so I’m beyond thrilled to announce the launch of +Acumen Corps.

+Acumen Corps is a special community for our most dedicated students - individuals who are committed to growing and using their skills to tackle problems of poverty and social justice. This is a place for learners and doers to continue to do just that, learn and do.

What you’ll get with +Acumen Corps

  • Custom online workshops
  • Access to thought-leaders
  • A like-minded peer group
  • Exclusive notifications of job openings & volunteering opportunities at cutting-edge nonprofits and social enterprises
  • A chance to highlight your projects and receive support from the broader community

We will run quarterly online challenges to support social enterprises and nonprofits. As a member, you will collaborate with a global network of change-makers to act on projects that will help move the world forward.

How to Join +Acumen Corps

It’s simple. Apply now. It takes 20 minutes.

Our selection process is described in full below.

  • Now – July 1: Submit your application to +Acumen Corps.
  • Early-July: Receive your invitation to participate in a real-time action challenge on July 16 to help a social enterprise or nonprofit
  • End-July: Final selections for +Acumen Corps

Limited spots are available. Preference will be given to applicants who complete at least two +Acumen courses by July 1st OR participate in one Master Class. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us over email at with your questions.

​Excitedly yours,

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Jo-Ann Tan
Director of +Acumen



Who should join? 

If you are passionate about tackling problems of poverty and social justice. If you are constantly seeking to learn, to support others like you, and to take action, this is the community for you.

You do not have to work in the social sector. You could be a student, a retiree, an employee of a for-profit corporation, a stay-at-home parent…we believe everyone has a role to play.

Why join us?

The world’s problems have never been more complex and urgent. But, what’s encouraging is that individuals all over the world are more willing than ever to put their hands up and lead. We also have never had more power at our disposal to drive positive social change.

But to tackle the world’s most pressing problems, we need to scale our individual capacities. At +Acumen Corps, we are joining forces with change-makers all around the world to multiply our impact. Together, we will step up to this challenge, and empower many others to join us.

What are the +Acumen Corps members expected to do?

It’s simple. Show up and contribute in a productive and meaningful way. Connect. Share your ideas. Keep learning. Push your thinking and work forward.

Is there a fee to join or participate in +Acumen Corps?


How do I join +Acumen Corps?

  • Step 1: Apply. It takes 20 minutes
  • Step 2: Participate in a live challenge. Our first one is on Saturday, July 16.
  • Step 3: Receive an invitation to join our online community

When are you next accepting applications for +Acumen Corps?

We are accepting one more cohort in 2016, likely in October 2016. Details will be communicated over email. You can sign up to the +Acumen newsletter on the right hand side bar.

How is +Acumen Corps different from Acumen’s Global and Regional Fellows Programs?

Acumen’s Global and Regional Fellows Programs are both in-person leadership development programs. +Acumen Corps is an online program which gives us the flexibility to accept the best people anywhere in the world.

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