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On July 16, 2016 we set out to try something new by engaging our community to take on a live challenge.

August 16, 2016

On July 16, 2016 we set out to try something new by engaging our community to take on a live challenge. Over 350 people participated in coming up with ideas to help SiembraViva, a Colombia-based social enterprise (and Acumen investee), figure out how to collect real-time crop data from their farmers. You can read the challenge highlights here.

Everyone who completed the challenge earned a spot in the new +Acumen Corps community. +Acumen Corps members are an incredible group of change-makers who have a burning desire to create a better world – and who are stepping up to do it.

“[+Acumen Corps is] a global community of thinkers and doers. Like-minded people who ‘get’ and share my deepest passions, and feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment in doing good for people and the world. A playground for synergies between smart people and most importantly a center where we can turn wholesome thoughts and intentions into actions and results. I am here because I am 23 and people tell me “millennials think they can save the world and it’s not a reality.” I want to prove them wrong. Let’s do it!” – Emma Chow, +Acumen Corps Member from Boston

Meet some of the incredible members of +Acumen Corps:

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Since July 18, and without prompting, nudging or guiding from us, the +Acumen Corps members have been busy connecting and getting to know each other.

More than 20 social change projects have been shared with the group, and more than twice that number of members have engaged to offer help, advice or participate in each other’s projects. These projects range from providing feedback on new ideas for programs, business models and coaching curriculum to advice from experienced grant writers and copy editors. There is even regional-based research and knowledge-sharing happening on how to improve agriculture in East Africa. It’s inspiring to see members share their experiences, observations and ideas to help each other build solutions to the social challenges they all care about.

And they’re just getting started.

Over 50 people have already connected, either in-person or virtually with another member of the +Acumen Corps, and that number is growing each day. There is a genuine desire to get to know each other, to learn from each other, and to share. One virtual hangout even lasted 3 hours and 45 minutes – a record for any coffee chat!

And they’re having fun together, too…

A pair in Bangalore posted this photo with the caption, “coz meeting for coffee is too mainstream…”

And they’re taking the lead in creating this community together. 

“My vision for +Acumen Corps is that this will be a think, share and do group. It will be a space to find inspiration and people with common values and vision. It will be a place to solve issues that we individually face with our personal projects. It will be a place to find collaborators or resources, such as jobs, funding opportunities or educational resources. It will be a place where, if necessary, we can mobilize a flood of loving and energetic support from across the world for our most challenging problems. Unlike [other] groups, this group could be unique by creating more genuine connections between members. We could share our challenges. We could share our deepest dreams.” – Naomi Lipke, +Acumen Corps Member from Denmark.

Feeling inspired? The next opportunity to join our next live action challenge and earn your spot in the +Acumen Corps will be in October. Increase your chances of being selected for this challenge by completing two free +Acumen courses or one +Acumen Master Class before October 1.

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